(Supplied by money gifted to RNLI by Mrs E M Stannah of London)

Number of Launches:- 4 - 1st launch in Sept. 1897 to schooner ‘Wild Wave’.
Number of Lives Saved:- 52 - rescued lives all from SS ‘Manchester City’ in Oct. 1898.

This boat housed in the old boat shed.
A wooden boat built by ‘Forrestt’, 39 feet by 9 feet a 12 oared, self-righting lifeboat costing £637.
Her last call out was to investigate the sighting of rockets which turned out to be people celebrating King Edward VII’s coronation, 11 August 1902.
In 1904 a reserve Lifeboat was put into service when the ‘Samyntas Stannah’ was withdrawn from her station due to concern regarding her handling

CHRISTOPHER NORTH GRAHAM (reserve No 3) 1904 - 1906 (no picture available)

Number of Launches:- 3
Number of Lives Saved:- 8
This temporary boat was also a 39 foot, self-righting, wooden boat which had been in service at Thorpness in Suffolk until 1900, when the station was closed.
Only 2 of the 3 calls were effective:-

6 Jan 1905; Southshield schooner ‘Brazilian’ with a crew of 8, the weather was too rough to do a boat to boat rescue so the ship was beached at South Ronaldsay before rescue.

9 Jan 1905; Liverpool boat ss ‘Domino’, boat escorted to safe anchorage.