Established by the Institution in 1874. It covers the north side of the Pentland Firth and strategically is in a good position. The station has done some fine services on this extremely difficult and dangerous coast.

This shed was built by J Charleson in 1874 at the cost of £228-0-0d and served as a lifeboat station until 1906. The shed was unique in so far as there were doors on both ends. This enabled the lifeboat to be launched directly into Aith Hope through the east doors or in adverse weather conditions the boat could be launched through the west doors into the North Bay to head out via Scapa Flow. The Lifeboats were launched from this shed using wooden skids, then when on the beach there was a mooring system that enabled the boat to be pulled out through the surf into open Water. This shed housed the Dickinson Edleston, Samyntas Stannah and reserve lifeboat Christopher North Graham.
In 1906 a new Lifeboat station and roller slipway was constructed approximately half way out Aith Hope on the Brims side.This enabled the Lifeboat to be launched directly into the sea at all states of the tide
The old Lifeboat shed is now used by local fishermen as a packing station for shellfish.


Coxswain:- Benjamin Stout 1874 - 1900

Hon. Sec:- Edward Corrigal 1874 - 1901

1891 Silver medal awarded to Coxswain Benjamin Stout in recognition of his gallantry on 30 March in connection with the s.s. 'Victoria' of Sunderland. Eleven of the rescued crew were Germans and the Emperor of Germany presented a gold watch to the Coxswain and £24 to the crew of the lifeboat.

SAMYNTAS STANNAH 1891 - 1904 (Self-righter)

1900 Silver Second-Service Clasp awarded to Coxswain Benjamin Stout on his retirement.

Coxswain:- John Swanson 1900 - 1934

1901 Hon. Sec:- Capt. John Menzies 1901 - 1905

1905 Hon. Sec:- William Marwick 1905 - 1911

ANNE MILES 1906 - 1926 (Watson)

Silver Medals awarded to William Cheyne, Daniel Fiddler, William Groat, Edward Jamieson, Bremner Taylor and William Taylor, all fishermen, for putting off in a boat and saving 9 of a crew of 11 of the s.s. 'Dinnington' of Sunderland, wrecked on 17 February on the island of Switha. See the famous yawl.


1906 New lifeboat house and slipway constructed at a cost of £2,700.

1911 Hon. Sec:- Rev. A. L. Kemp 1911 - 1912

1912 Hon. Sec:- Harold Fisher 1912 - 1921

1921 Hon. Sec:- William Sutherland 1921 - 1946

K.T.J.S. 1926 - 1933 (Watson - motor)

1930 Silver medal awarded to Coxswain John Swanson for the rescue of crew of nine of the Aberdeen steam trawler 'Braconmoor' which went ashore on Tor Ness Point of 5 January. It was a rescue in very difficult circumstances carried out with skill and gallantry.

1932 Silver Second-Service Clasp awarded to Coxswain John Swanson for the rescue of eight of the crew of the trawler 'Dorbie' of Hull wrecked at Tor Ness on 9 January. It was a dangerous and trying service skilfully and gallantly carried out.

THOMAS McCUNN 1933 - 1962 (Watson - motor)

1934 Coxswain:- William Dass 1934 - 1946

1936 Bronze medal awarded to Coxswain William Dass for the rescue of 41 men from the French trawler 'Neptunia' of The Havre ashore at Brims Ness on 21 February. It was a service skilfully and courageously carried out in conditions made more difficult by the intense darkness. The searchlight was in use the whole time.

1946 Coxswain:- Alfred Johnston 1946 - 1954

The Institution's Thanks on Vellum was awarded to Mr William Sutherland who retired after serving since 1922 as the honorary secretary at Longhope. During those 24 years the Longhope Lifeboat had rescued 272 lives. In 1932 Mr Sutherland was awarded the Institution's inscribed binoculars and in the same year he won an inscribed barometer for his energy and initiative in directing a very difficult and dangerous service when the lifeboat rescued the crew of the Hull trawler 'Dorbie'. Mr Sutherland was succeeded as honorary secretary by his daughter, Miss M Sutherland.

Hon. Sec:- Miss M. Sutherland 1946 - 1957

1951 Bronze medal awarded to Coxswain Alfred Johnston for the rescue of the crew of 40 of the Swedish mv 'Oljaren' on 12/13 April in a service lasting 23 hours.

1954 Coxswain:- Dan Kirkpatrick 1954 - 1969

1957 Hon. Sec:- Dr. Sydney Peace 1957 - 1962

1959 Silver medal awarded to Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick for the rescue of the crew of 14 of the trawler 'Strathcoe' ashore in Pentland Firth on 4 February, by breeches buoy.

1960 Thanks on the Institution inscribed on vellum accorded to Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick for putting out in the lifeboat to the assistance of the Aberdeen trawler 'George Robb' on 7 December 1959 ashore on Duncansby Head. The trawler was lost with all hands and although the lifeboat did not save life or render any assistance the conditions prevailing imposed a considerable degree of hardship on the coxswain and crew due to the extremely severe weather. A whole gale (force 10) gusting to storm (force 11) was blowing from the south east and the weather was overcast with squally conditions and poor visibility. There was a steep confused sea in the Pentland Firth and the lifeboat took a terrible pounding.

Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick received a gift from the James Michael Bower Endowment fund. This fund was established in 1955 by the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company as a memorial to James Michael Bower, late third officer of the ss 'Stratheden' who lost his life in a disaster. Awards from the funds are made to those who receive either a Gold or Silver medal of the RNLI for gallantry.

T.G.B. 1962 - 1969 (Watson - motor)

Hon. Sec:- John M. F. Groat 1962 - 1995

1964 The Silver Second-Service Clasp awarded to Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick for the rescue of nine of the crew of the Aberdeen trawler 'Ben Barvas' by breeches buoy which had gone ashore on the Pentland Skerries on 3 January. Five more survivors were also landed by the lifeboat from another trawler. Coxswain Kirkpatrick also received a gift from the James bower Endowment Fund.

1968 The Silver Third-Service Clasp awarded to Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick for the rescue of 15 lives from the trawler 'Ross Puma' of Grimsby, which was wrecked on the Little Rackwick Shoals on 1 April. Coxswain Kirkpatrick also received the Maud Smith Award for £5 for the bravest act of live-saving in 1968 and a gift from the James Michael Bower Endowment Fund.

1969 On 17 March the lifeboat 'T.G.B.' ON 962, capsized while on service to the Liberian vessel 'Irene' and her entire crew of eight lost their lives.

Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick

Second Coxswain James Johnston (son of Mechanic)

Bowman Daniel R Kirkpatrick (son of Coxswain)

Mechanic Robert R. Johnston

Assistant Mechanic James Swanson

Crew Member Robert Johnston (son of Mechanic)

Crew Member John T Kirkpatrick (son of Coxswain)

Crew Member Eric McFadyen

They left seven widows, one widowed mother and eight children, all of whom were pensioned by the Institution.


HILTON BRIGGS 1970 (Barnett)

DAVID AND ELIZABETH KING 1970 - 1988 (Solent)

Coxswain:- John Leslie 1970 - 1988

1973 Bronze medal awarded to Coxswain Jack Leslie for the rescue of the crew of eleven of the trawler 'Ross Tern' which was hard aground on the Tarf Tail, Swona Island in a moderate north westerly wind, heavy snow showers and a very confused sea in the early hours of 10 February.

1974 Centenary Vellum awarded to Station.

LORD SALTOUN 1988 - (Tyne)

Coxswain:- J. William Budge 1988 - 1994

1989 Adaption work carried out in order to accommodate the Tyne Class lifeboat, which was placed on service early 1988. This included the installation of a new fuel storage tank, the extension of the slipway bilgeways and replacement of the bottom sections of the slipway keelway channel.

1991 Crewroom and toilet facility constructed in the roof space of the boathouse.

1994 Coxswain:- Ian C. McFadyen 1994 -

1995 Hon. Sec:- Dr. Tony Trickett MBE DL 1995 -

1999 Coxswain Ian McFadyen and the crew of the ‘Lord Saltoun’ were awarded a letter of thanks from the Director of the RNLI for their service to the multitanker ‘Ascania’ on 19th March which was carrying a cargo of the highly explosive vinyl acetate. She was disabled by a fire in the engine room and was drifting dangerously close to the Caithness coast in strong tides and a westerly gale gusting force 10. During the service station mechanic John Budge fell and broke his leg and was landed in Scrabster for treatment.

SIR MAX AITKEN 11 1999 - (Arun)

Last Launch from Brims Lifeboat House. There was a large turnout of islanders and well-wishers from further afield on 11th September at the ceremony to mark the end of Lifeboat service from Aith Hope, Brims after 125 years, 93 of them from the Lifeboat house and slipway.

Longhope officially becomes an afloat station based at Longhope Pier.

2000 Ex Longhope Lifeboat ‘Thomas McCunn’ (Pentland Speir) bought from Mr Peter Roberts of Midhurst, Sussex for the sum of £1 Scots on the 29th July. She was sailed home from Hayling Island by a crew of current and ex-lifeboat men and visited 8 East coast lifeboat stations on passage.

She arrived back home in Longhope on the 7th August.

Longhope Lifeboat Station Record.


Boat's Officers

Coxswain: Ian Charles McFadyen. Appointed 16.9.94.

Mechanic 1.2.71-15.9.94.

Reserve Mechanic 9.5.67- 31.1.71.

Mechanic:- John Curtis Budge. Appointed 17.9.94.

Assistant Mechanic 23.11.82-16.9.94.

Emergency Mechanic 1.9.71 - 22.11.82.

Joined crew 1970.

Hon Sec/Hon Doc Dr. Tony Trickett MBE DL

Medal Record

16 medals have been awarded, 13 Silver and 3 Bronze, the last being voted in 1973.


Foreign Awards

1891 Emperor of Germany awarded gold watch to Coxswain B. Stout and gave a monetary gift to the crew for the rescue of 22 persons, including 11 Germans, from the ss 'Victoria' of Sunderland.

1924 King of Sweden gave Cups of Honour to the crew for the rescue of eight from the ss 'Citos' of Helsingborn on 12 September, 1923.

1936 French Government awarded Coxswain William Dass a Silver medal and the rest of the crew Bronze medals for the rescue of 41 from ST'Neptunia' of Le Havre.

1952 Swedish government gave monetary grant to the crew for the rescue of 40 from MT 'Oljaren' of Gothenburg.

1956 King of Norway awarded Silver medal to Coxswain D. Kirkpatrick in recognition of the services of the lifeboat to the ss 'Dovrefjell' in February.

1969 In December the Greek Academy of Arts made posthumous awards for gallantry to the crew of the lifeboat which were lost in the disaster of 17th March. The awards took the form of documents recording citations.


Benjamin Stout 1874 - 1900
John Swanson 1900 - 1934
William Dass 1934 - 1946
Alfred Johnston 1946 - 1954
Dan Kirkpatrick 1954 - 1969
John Leslie 1970 - 1988
J William Budge MBE 1988 - 1994
Ian McFadyen 1994 - 2002
Kevin Kirkpatrick 2002 -

Committee Presidents /Chairmen

I G Moodie-Heddle 1874 - 1901
Thomas Middlemore 1901 - 1919
Rev L Clarence D Douglas 1919 - 1926
William Marwick 1927 - 1932
John M F Groat 1932 - 1967
Hugh Seatter 1967 - 1970
Isaac Moar 1970 - 1981
John M F Groat MBE JP DL 1995 - 1998
James F Groat 1981

Honorary Secretaries

Edward Corrigal 1874 - 1901
Capt. John Menzies 1901 - 1905
William Marwick 1905 - 1911
Rev A L Kemp 1911 - 1912
Harold Fisher 1912 - 1921
William Sutherland 1921 - 1946
Miss M Sutherland 1946 - 1957
Dr Sydney Peace 1957 - 1962
John M F Groat 1962 - 1995
Dr Tony Trickett MBE 1995 -

Ladies Guild Presidents:-

Mrs J Swanson 1960 - 1966
Mrs Riddell 1966 - 1967
Mrs J Swanson 1967 - 1969
Mrs G Wallace 1969 - 1971
Mrs V Leslie 1971 - 1972
Mrs J Johnston 1972 - 1974
Mrs M Traill 1974 - 1976
Mrs P Mackenzie 1976 - 1980
Mrs F Sutherland 1980 - 1981
Mrs M Trickett 1981 - 1983
Mrs H Rioch 1983 - 1985
Miss M Watters 1985 - 1989
Mrs H Rioch 1989 - 1991
Miss M Watters 1991 - 1992
Mrs. J Stone 1992 - 1994
Mrs J Gillespie 1994 - 1998
Mrs K McFadyen 1998 - 2002
Mrs Fay Clarke 2002 -

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